Bobby Way, which means Wayout in Iowaian (not really) is the founder and leader of the band. Not only does he bring the namesake but also the talent and experience to back it up. Bobby started his musical career back in High School with a 9 piece horn band, called Silver & Brass, playing CYO's and High School dances. From there he became the bass player for a band called Ram Rock, doing music that today is called Classic Rock. The middle seventies brought a 50's revival and a band called Bananas featuring Butch Wax and the Ducktails. What came next? Cimmeron Show Revue, a slick act that traveled all over the Midwest. Getting the bite for the road Bobby started a band called Redbird With Lady Fox,(sounds like the 80's to me). Carl & Company was the first national show group that Bobby toured with, learning everything he could about the business from Carl, Bobby took all his experience, knowledge, and fortitude to form the band we all know and love today, The Fabulous Wayouts

Along side Bobby, Chick is one of longest standing members of the band, going back a few more years then they all would like to remember. Chick and Bobby have played off and on together for around some 25 years (Boy time flies when your having fun). Starting his musical career at the age of 17 Chick, met Bobby in Silver & Brass (see Bobby's bio). From there he worked with a guitar player friend from Silver & Brass in a band called Roadside Steamer, a five piece group of exceptional musicians doing as they told the agent, music they wanted to do. After a year and a half Chick had enough of the music business and took a short break, a year and a half later he got the bite again and along with four other fine fellows the group Sound Investment was formed, wedding and private party's were their forte, and the band did and is still doing rather well. Chick left in 1985 to be reunited with Bobby and join him on the road with the Wayout Show Band, and the rest is history. So as you will agree, along with Bobby, Chick has become one of the defining members of the Fabulous Wayouts.



Louie brings many years of stage experience to the Wayouts, originally from Boston Mass. Louie performed throughout his high school and college years with numerous rock & roll bands. Having traveled nationally throughout the United States for over eight years, and an aspiring magician, Louie brings all his magic and talent to The Fabulous Wayouts to truly make this band fabulous. A percussionist by trade you can always tell when Louie's on stage, from some of the many well timed sound effects, to the laying down of a driving dance beat, to a crazy looking hat or prop, Louie keeps it all together so you can enjoy a perfect performance from the band each and every time you see them. The Fabulous Wayouts are proud to have someone with his talents and skills a part of this great act.

Lynda came to the Wayouts in 1996 bringing with her dynamic vocals, and untold years of experience. She still finds time to do some modeling and has been performing with the Racine Symphonic Chorus . Lynda started with a national act, Harvey K. and The Spiral Staircase and numerous offshoots of that band. Next Dr. Bop and the Headliners out of Chicago, one of the midwest's premiere show bands. If you have ever seen that group it was truly one of the best. Eight years and some change later Lynda gets a gig with The Torpedoes, another popular Midwest show band that traveled throughout the country, and are still around today. With two beautiful little girls and getting tired of all the travel, Lynda leaves the Torpedoes and falls into the lap of the Fabulous Wayouts, bringing the final piece of the puzzle together and making the Wayouts one of the finest vocal groups in Wisconsin today.

Our Great Stage Crew

From left to right:

J.J. Brooks ,O.C.White, Linda a.k.a. Bubbles, Dan, The Amazing Kenny

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